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Ways to Sell Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

Custom screen printed t-shirts look cool and make great keepsakes and conversation starters. They’re a great way to promote your business, event, school, team, or simply individual art pieces. Selling custom screen printed t-shirts can be lucrative, but how do you make some extra cash by selling these shirts? Here are some tips on how to successfully sell custom screen-printed t-shirts.

Sell Your Shirts at Local Events

Attending neighborhood gatherings like festivals, trade exhibitions, conventions, and community events is one way to sell screen-printed t-shirts. This will increase awareness of your goods and provide potential clients a chance to witness your work in person and judge its quality. Ensure you inform folks you'll be there in advance by promoting your presence. Additionally, you may publicize events on social media sites like Facebook and connect with attendees.

Market and Sell on Social Media 

Social media is a terrific way to promote your custom-printed tees! Share pics of your designs, tell people about upcoming events and engage with possible customers by answering their questions or responding to their comments. Hashtags also play an essential role – using relevant ones will help you reach out to folks who might be interested in what you offer. Getting the word out quickly and efficiently is just a few clicks away!

Create a Local Pop-Up Shop

Creating a pop-up shop in your local community is a great way to sell your t-shirts. This allows you to engage with your customers face-to-face and build relationships. You can set up your shop in a public area or partner with a local business to host your pop-up shop.

Sell in a Brick-and-mortar Store 

You can even start a physical business selling t-shirts with bespoke screen prints. Make sure your store is well stocked with the most recent styles and trends. Additionally, you ought to spend money on a POS system that will let you to manage sales and inventory while also rewarding repeat customers with exclusive deals. Putting up examples of your work can be a terrific method to draw clients and demonstrate what you can do for them. 

Sell Wholesale 

Another great way to sell custom screen printed t-shirts is by selling them wholesale. This involves finding other businesses that are interested in buying your products in bulk at discounted prices. There are many businesses that can sell your merchandise; you just have to up your marketing and sales skills. By doing this, you not only increase your chances of reaching more potential customers but also make more money on each sale since you’re selling larger quantities at once. 

Partner With Local Retailers 

You may connect with clients who might not be familiar with your brand by partnering with neighborhood retail establishments. The first step in selling to neighborhood retailers is to get in touch with the shops there and ask if they'd be interested in stocking your goods. You'll be able to connect with a wider audience by doing this. Additionally, it enables you to run specials or promotions that can draw clients to your online business who wouldn't often visit your brick-and-mortar location. Create a wholesale contract that benefits both sides, and make sure to publicize the cooperation.

Sell on a Third-Party Marketplace 

If you lack the funds to launch your own e-commerce business, think about selling on online stores like eBay, Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy. Selling on marketplaces offers many advantages, including accessing a larger audience and selling to clients in other countries. You can list and manage your products with ease using these platforms. You may start promoting your t-shirts, setting prices, and uploading your designs.

Sell Through a Distributor 

You can also sell custom screen printed t-shirts through distributors. These companies act as middlemen between the manufacturer and the retailer, offering discounted prices on bulk orders so that retailers can resell them at higher prices and make a profit. Selling through a distributor also gives you access to many more retailers, making it easier for you to reach wider audiences. 

Sell on Your E-commerce Store 

It may also be worth investing in an ecommerce store of your own. This will give you complete control over how your products are presented and marketed, as well as enable you to collect customer data for future marketing campaigns. You can even offer discounts or promotions specifically tailored to customers who already purchased from you.

How to Make Your Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Sales Channels Work Together

By leveraging several sales channels, you may significantly boost your custom screen printed t-shirt sales and profits. Even though each channel has its own set of benefits, combining their strength will help you reach more clients and increase your overall profit. Here are some pointers for coordinating your various sales channels:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience: By pinpointing exactly who you’re trying to reach with each channel, you'll be able to ensure that the right customers are being exposed to your shirts. 
  2. Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy: Develop a marketing strategy through targeted advertising, social media campaigns, or even traditional print advertising. 
  3. Optimize Your Channels for SEO: Make sure you optimize each channel for SEO so your shirts appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This helps ensure your custom screen printed t-shirts get seen by more potential customers. 
  4. Utilize Cross Promotion: You may reach a larger audience and boost your overall sales by leveraging one sales channel to promote another. You might, for instance, link to your Instagram page from your website or the other way around.

In a nutshell, make sure your custom screen printed t-shirts are of great quality and appropriately represent your brand regardless of the sales channel you select. This way, you can be sure that customers will return for more. Remember that you can reach more customers and boost profits from custom screen-printed t-shirts by leveraging the power of multiple sales channels.

Make Your Tees With Salty Printing

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