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Screen Printing

Screen Printing a t-shirt at Salty Printing

Screen Printing

The most well-known of all the t-shirt printing methods. With this technique, a special screen is made for each element of the design. Then, colors and elements of the design are applied layer by layer onto the garment. The more layers a design has, the longer it takes to print and the thicker the design will feel on the product.

 Screen Printing t-shirt process at Salty Printing

Screen Printed Transfers

This process allows us to produce your graphic transfers in bulk and stock, but then apply them to your garments when needed. This keeps your costs down and allows you to print in bulk, but only order the exact inventory needed. In essence, we are inventorying your printing but not your shirts.

 Screen transfer t-shirts at Salty Printing of Bradenton, Florida


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