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Patch hats at Salty Printing for North Shore Cafe


Add style to your apparel, event, or marketing pieces with custom patches! Designing your own is easy with Salty®! Our in-house designers will work with you to ensure your personalized patches are exactly what you want. 

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Custom Embroidered Patches

When fabric backing and quality threading come together, the result is a wearable form of art. Embroidered patches are the most traditional and popular patches on the market, and are ideal for high-contrast designs with texture and depth.

Custom Embroidered patches from local customers at Salty printing 

Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches are produced with thin threads and a tight weave; yielding detailed, high-resolution finished products. This patch style works well for complex designs that require crisp detail work or small lettering that you want to show off.

Custom Woven patches from local customers at Salty Printing

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