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Reasons to Sell High-Quality Apparel with Your Name on It

Have you considered adding an apparel component to your business?

Whether you run an HVAC company, a minor-league baseball team, or even a fireworks stand, there are a bunch of ways to augment your business with apparel. That’s because it’s an outstanding way to either sell or give away your brand logo and business message to your clientele, thus generating boundless free advertising.

Here are a few things to know about leveraging shirts, hats, and embroidered items to boost your company image.

Well, for one thing the fashion industry itself is a nearly $350 billion enterprise, which tells you how often people buy clothes. There’s also a plethora of research that suggests customers maintain more brand loyalty with companies that give away or sell apparel. Many well-established businesses (who already have loyal clientele) will later branch out into apparel sales and capitalize on the popularity of shirts, koozies, and other items. 

It Works Well for Any Businesses or Group

  • Sports Teams - Here’s an obvious example because sports participants have to wear running shirts and hats, anyway. Why not leverage what you wear to show off your team colors and logo? Then, your fans will want to buy them, too.
  • YouTube and Other Media Entrepreneurs - Do you make your living by getting in front of a camera to instruct or entertain people? Smart Internet “influencers” will do this while proudly displaying their brand on whatever they’re wearing. You can also include links to where your followers can buy those items.
  • Landscaping Companies - We sell lots of cool items for landscapers, which you can use yourself and/or sell to customers. This includes straw hats, gaiters, trucker snapback caps, and high-performance hoodies.

Shirts and Hat for Allstar Pools

How Do You Do All This?

Salty® can help you develop an effective plan for creating business apparel. Here are the primary components to think about before beginning.

  • Make a Cool Logo or Brand Design - If you don’t already have this, then it’s essential to start here. You’d be amazed at how many fresh eyes you can get on your business with a clever logo. Plus, you can pay a Fiverr artist to create it for a pretty reasonable fee.
  • Determine Your Budget for Apparel - In the beginning, you may not make a ton of money selling shirts (if that’s what you’re after), so you might begin with a more humble approach. As you experience success, you can scale it into larger apparel packages.
  • Market Your New Apparel on Social Media - Finally, you’ll want to integrate your apparel strategy into your social media platforms. The end game is to draw customers to your company website and toward the products/services you offer.

This is a short preview of what you can do to leverage business apparel effectively with our help. We hope you’ll choose Salty® Printing whenever you’re ready to promote your brand with shirts, koozies, gaiters, and even mouse pads. Contact us soon to learn more by calling 941-357-5448.
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