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Salty® Printing Customer Spotlight: Tom's Donuts Original

Tom's Donut Original family picture

The Driving Force

Todd Saylor is a nationally recognized business speaker and coach, garnering national recognition for his dynamic insights and transformative guidance. Todd draws from the remarkable success of his very own enterprise, Tom's Donuts Original, to intricately weave real-world experiences into his coaching and Wired Differently brand to elevate his audiences mindsets and redefine their approach to business success.

Todd Saylor at Tom's Donuts


The History

For over half a century, the legacy of Tom's Donuts Original has been a rock-solid tradition and family treasure in the Lake James Community of Indiana. We're talking 53 years of history, with six generations of family members pouring their heart and soul into making the most amazing donuts ever. These melt-in-your-mouth goodies don't just taste fantastic, they're like a bite of history, filled with flavors that have been making folks happy for ages, along with secrets and skills that have been handed down through the years –making Tom's, "The Donut Capital of the World!"

Photos of Tom's Donuts Original shop and food.


The Merch

A bunch of their awesome customers have been coming to the bakery since they were little and now they're bringing their own families along for the ride! To honor those sweet memories, Tom’s Donuts Original had Salty® Printing in Bradenton, FL whip up a bunch of cool custom t-shirts. That iconic logo you see on their shirts isn't just a brand symbol – it's like a special badge representing the lasting values and the awesome love that's brought the Tom's Donuts Original family together and won over the hearts of everyone who's had the joy of munching on their donuts.

Tom's Donut Original merchandise from Salty® Printing of Bradenton, Florida

Tom's Donut's Original line of custom printed shirts


The Success

Tom’s Donuts Original has expanded recently with a new location in Angola, Indiana. The extra revenue from shirt sales doesn't just give them a boost in running the show; it also gets the word out about the brand, not only in the neighborhood, but even nationwide beyond their local community.

Tom's Donuts Original in Angola Indiana




Salty® Printing’s ability to create custom printed apparel for businesses is a valuable resource that can help businesses of all types create a strong brand identity that resonates with their customers.

For rates, products, and services, give us a call today at 941-357-5448 or visit our website for more information.

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