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Salty® Customer Spotlight: Anna Maria Oyster Bar

Located in the picturesque Anna Maria Island, Anna Maria Oyster Bar (AMOB) stands as a beacon of seafood delight, offering locals and visitors an unforgettable dining experience. However, their impact goes beyond serving delectable seafood dishes, it also extends into their community involvement. Let's dive into the story of AMOB, the remarkable work of its owners, John and Amanda Horne.

John and Cindy Horne -Anna Maria Oyster Bar

Anna Maria Oyster Bar: A Seafood Haven with a Heart for the Community


A Legacy of Excellence:

AMOB has a rich history that dates back to 1996 when John and Amanda Horne took over the humble establishment. With a passion for exceptional seafood and a commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere, they transformed AMOB into a beloved destination. Today, the restaurant group operates four locations, each offering the finest in fresh seafood and warm hospitality.

Community Champions:

John and Amanda Horne, the driving forces behind AMOB's success, are not only dedicated restaurateurs but also passionate community advocates. Their commitment to making a positive impact is evident in their extensive involvement with local charities and nonprofit organizations. From supporting local schools and community events to hosting fundraisers, the Hornes actively contribute to the betterment of their community. Learn more about AMOB's story »


AMOB deliver meals to the incredible team at World Central Kitchen serving the Englewood community.

Delivering meals to the incredible team at World Central Kitchen serving the Englewood community.  

Anna Maria Oyster Bar quote for Salty® Printing 


Bringing AMOB's Vision to Life:

At Salty® Printing we work hard to bring AMOB's vision’s to life and provide them with a consistent and professional brand image by offering a range of high-quality apparel options that cater to AMOB's diverse needs.

AMOB family dressed with embroidered polo shirts from Salty® Printing.Custom printed shirts for Anna Maria Oyster Bar

We collaborate with AMOB to create custom employee shirts that embody the restaurant's brand identity. From comfortable and durable materials to eye-catching designs, these shirts ensure that the staff not only look their best but also feel a sense of pride in representing AMOB.

AMOB also understands the importance of offering merchandise that reflects their coastal charm. Salty® Printing helps them create retail shirts that customers can proudly wear, showcasing their love for Anna Maria Island and AMOB's culinary excellence. These shirts not only serve as stylish souvenirs but also contribute to building brand loyalty.


AMOB Charity Shirts printed for Dive into Reading program

AMOB's dedication to giving back to the community is amplified through their charity work. Whether it's participating in fundraisers, organizing events, or supporting local causes, AMOB's staff and volunteers don custom t-shirts by Salty® Printing. These shirts not only raise awareness but also foster a sense of unity and purpose within the community.




Salty® Printing’s ability to create custom printed apparel for businesses is a valuable resource that can help businesses of all types create a strong brand identity that resonates with their customers.

For rates, products, and services, give us a call today at 941-357-5448 or visit our website for more information.

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