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Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Embroidered Hats

How much value can you add to your business by creating custom embroidered hats?

Well, there are a few reasons to consider this. Hats can be a uniform item for you and your team, or you can use them as promo merchandise to either give or sell to customers. Any way you look at it, hats are pretty cool and offer yet another way to display your awesome company logo, slogans, and whatever else you want.

These are the best reasons to consider customer embroidered hats for your growing business.


Shirts and Hats for Element


Ample Space for Large Logo Placement

Hats offer plenty of prime real estate for displaying a business logo. Plus, it’s right there at eye-level, in such a prominent position, right there atop your head. You almost can’t create a better location. Just imagine the advantage you’d have when folks purchase your hats, wear them around their community, and advertise your business to everybody they encounter. That’s lots of (almost) free marketing.

There’s No Shortage of Demand for Outstanding Hats

Many Americans wear baseball caps and other headwear for various reasons and occasions. Especially among 20-somethings, this is a very popular fashion. Therefore, you can capitalize on that demand by selling quality hats with your company image on them. This is a terrific way to pull in some extra revenue for a fast ROI (provided, you choose quality embroidery).

They’re Terrific Giveaway Items

Lots of research data show us that people love giveaway stuff. You have an exponentially better chance of getting folks to remember your brand if you give them free apparel. If for no other reason, people can’t help but remember the brand logo every time they see it on a t-shirt, hat, or custom beverage container.

You Can Coordinate Hat Sales with Other Marketing Campaigns

Hats don’t have to be a stand-alone item, either. Savvy business owners know how to coordinate their various marketing strategies to mix something like hats with other promotions. Maybe you’re thinking of having a discount sale at your store. You could throw a free/discount hat into the equation to sweeten the deal. There are limitless ways to do this without spending a fortune.

Would you like to know how to mass produce lots of quality hats and fashionable apparel to help market your brand?

Then you’re always welcome to partner with Salty® Printing for durable and affordable print products. We specialize in hats, t-shirts, performance shirts, neck gaiters, patches, and a lot more. Contact us today to learn more about everything we offer by calling 941-357-5448.
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