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Reasons to Invest in Long-Sleeve Performance Tees for Fishing

Nobody would deny the benefit of having solid equipment with you before hitting the water for a fishing trip. Of course, this includes stuff like fishing rods, bait, lures, and so forth.


There are a few other things you should, however, especially reliable apparel. Believe it or not, one of the best things to have with you is solid, long-sleeve performance t-shirts. Without a quality shirt on your back, you’re vulnerable to lots of irritation from sunburn, bugs, and the water itself.


Long-Sleeve Performance Fishing Tees

Protection Against the Sun

Even if you go fishing during an all-day overcast, it’s possible to sustain a pretty painful sunburn. That’s a serious risk you take if you don’t wear a thick enough t-shirt. All those hours of direct sunlight (if you have no shade) will take its toll on you otherwise.

Keep the Bugs Off You

Unless you want to drown yourself in gallons of bug spray, a long-sleeve performance tee is essential. Fishing in some of the interior parts of Florida means you’ll encounter more than your fair share of mosquitos, gnats, and other insects. We recommend keeping your upper body covered rather than succumbing to rotten winged creatures.

Stay Dry

Especially if you’re out at sea, it helps to have a defense against the ocean spray. Our mission is to help you remain salty with quality apparel while avoiding that other “salty” you get from ocean water. It also helps to have a high-quality shirt that won’t absorb water, so you’re not soaked all day. It’s impossible to remain 100% dry on most sea trips, but this minimizes the problem. Plus, performance tees breathe better without absorbing sweat.

Stain Resistance

Besides sweat stains, there are other fishy substances that could stain your clothes. Our apparel options offer the best chance to wash away stains without permanent damage. Stain resistance means you can reuse the shirt on many fishing trips for years to come.

If you’d like to avoid these common fishing aggravations, then we’re happy to fit you with the highest-quality apparel for men, women, or youth anglers. 

Salty® Printing has everything you’ll need to enjoy any sport or activity: t-shirts, hats, neck gaiters, and more. You can even come to us for customizable tumblers and other beverage containers. To learn more or place an order, visit us online or call us anytime for friendly help at 941-357-5448.

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