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How Do I Design a Custom Running Shirt?

One of the joys of starting or joining a running team is the camaraderie you can build by wearing the same fantastic custom gear. This is a terrific way to promote team loyalty and flaunt your team colors in front of the competition.

How do you put together high-quality custom running shirts?

First, Select the Best Fabric

There are many fabric options at your disposal, and for runners, it’s crucial to find the ones that are moisture proof. Here are the most popular fabric options:

  • Moisture-Wicking
        • Moisture-wicking fabrics aren’t pure polyester but actually a combination of synthetic materials (including other fabrics like nylon). They’re built to be the best for moisture absorption during intense cardio workouts.
  • Mesh
        • These breathe very well and won’t feel constricting. You’ll enjoy terrific air circulation and little to no sweat accumulation.
  • Cotton (Organic)
        • 100% Cotton shirts feature natural fibers, which are a big demand for folks with sensitive skin. The only drawback is that, although cotton can absorb most of the sweat, you’ll still have a damp shirt while running.
  • 50/50
      • These are the blended shirts that mix cotton with polyester and other fabrics. 50/50 shirts strike a splendid balance of soft cotton and decent moisture absorption.

    Next, Customize an Awesome Design

    So, those are the material and physical concerns. What about stylistic matters? These are the most variables for designing a cool shirt for your running crew.

  • Shirts Featuring Events or Race Details
        • One popular way to design a shirt is to showcase an upcoming event (i.e., 2023 Sarasota 10K Invitational). Some elaborate designs might have a map of the trail or a list of previous winners on the back.
  • Motivational or Commemorative Designs
        • Perhaps Nike and other shoe brands started this trend with “Just Do It” or other messages. This is your chance for creativity, just don’t make it corny or confusing.
  • Create a Bold Logo
        • Does your team have an awesome logo? If not, it isn’t too hard to get a Fiverr artist to make one, and then supersize it to fit an outstanding running shirt.
  • Leverage QR Codes or Web References
      • This is more optional depending on whether your running team has an online presence. If it does, it’s a good idea to have online contact info, social media references, or even a QR code.

    Salty® Printing 

    You can leverage these ideas and fabric selections when you use our graphic design, digital printing, embroidery, and other services. Fabric design has come a long way in terms of printing capability, and we’d love to show you more of what’s possible.

    If you want to get your hands on high-quality, durable apparel, then you’re in the right place with Salty® Printing. We can help you fit your team or organization with shirts, hats, patches, and a bunch more. If you’d like to ask a few questions before ordering, then call us anytime at 941-357-5448.
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