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Boost Your Roofing Game with High-Quality Shirts

Do you own one of the many dedicated roofing companies around Florida and need reliable work shirts for your roofing guys?

It’s a big issue because roofing is serious labor, which exposes the worker to heavy sun exposure and various other weather challenges. It’s nice to know that there are durable apparel resources available, including customizable shirts with your roofing company logo on them. Check out this quick guide to selecting outstanding roofing shirts from the resident experts at Salty® Printing.


Halls Bros Roofing Shirts from Salty Printing

How to Get the Best Shirts for Roofing

  1. Select the Right Materials - Some fabrics work better for trade work than others. It would obviously be ridiculous to have guys go onto a roof with delicate fabrics, or something tight and irritating. Our products come with a few different options, though (since everyone’s preferences are different). We sell three different roofing shirts, ones with 100% cotton, collared shirts that are 100% polyester, and other heavy-duty performance shirts. Then, there are other ways to stay warm in the winter months with hoodies and long-sleeve options.
  2. Make Sure They’re UV Proof - You should always select a material and color that doesn’t absorb the heavy UV rays we experience every summer. We have over a dozen color choices, so it’s entirely your call. Some of the more popular ones are light green (or safety green), but you can also go with plain white if you’re after something cost effective.
  3. Make Sure They Fit - This one’s pretty obvious, but chances are you have different sizes to consider if you’re buying for your roofing business. Like any reputable shirt maker, we carry plenty of sizes. For instance, our classic cotton tees come in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. We even break that into various size metrics such as body length, body width, and sleeve width.
  4. Consider Bulk Buying to Cover Your Entire Team - If you check out some items on our website, you’ll notice there are lucrative volume discounts for buying larger packages. Our roofing performance t-shirts come in four pricing packages, ranging from packs of 12 to 96. While the 12-shirt packages cost $30 per shirt, you can stock up on 96 shirts for only $17 per shirt. It’s worth your consideration if you run a larger roofing company with several employees.


Printed Shirt Options for Roofers at Salty® Printing

We hope that shines some light on what’s available if you decide to purchase new t-shirts or sweatshirts for your roofing crews. This is also a service we offer for other businesses like landscaping, restaurants, and HVAC professionals.

Salty® Printing can’t wait to show you even more about all the ways we can custom print effective apparel for your company. This covers a lot more than just t-shirts, too (hats, gaiters, sweatshirts, and more). Contact us anytime for a service estimate by calling 941-357-5448.
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