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Salty® Printing Customer Spotlight: Tide Tables


Salty® Printing customer spotlight: Tide Tables

A Partnership Spotlight: Tide Tables Restaurant and Salty® Printing

We're delighted to share an insightful glimpse into our collaboration with Tide Tables Restaurant, which is named in tribute to the unbreakable bond between the rhythm of tides and the commercial waterman’s way of life in this true piece of disappearing “Old Florida.” 

Owned by Bobby & Gwen Woodson and Karen Bell, Tide Tables is a local beacon of culinary seafood excellence which prides itself on only the freshest of seafood that Cortez has to offer.


Making the Merch

At Salty® Printing, our friendly rapport with Tide Tables reflects more than just a partnership; it's a commitment to fostering success for local businesses, providing not just apparel but a pathway to prosperity. Gwen handwrites her orders and sends a photo by text message to Haily, who enters them into the order system, initiating the production process for a diverse range of garments, including polos, dryfit shirts, hoodies, and hats.

Making shirts at Salty Printing Bradenton, FL


The Online Reorder Portal offers Tide Tables an array of styles and colors, empowering employees to extend their wardrobe beyond work-specific attire. This added flexibility contributes to a more comprehensive and inclusive representation of the Tide Tables brand in various contexts.

Branded t-shirt designs for Tide Tables in Bradenton, FL

At Salty® Printing, we're not just about crafting quality apparel; we're dedicated to building lasting relationships and fostering success for local businesses like Tide Tables. Join us on the journey of collaboration and excellence—because your success is the tide that lifts us all.



Ready to elevate your brand's image and give your employees the apparel they deserve? Contact us to explore our Online Reorder Portal and discover how easy it is to outfit your team for success. Together, we'll make your brand shine.

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